How important is it to have a professional well designed for your company ?

The truth is a poor logo will cost you money by putting off potential customers with poor first impressions. A logo is the initial face of your company not just a  words ‘plonked’ together.

You need to look at your business through the eyes of your customers to understand the value of your company logo. What first impression is your logo giving? Maybe you could piece together your own logo and later invest money in a more professional image. This may be harmful to you image as bad first impressions could last. Evaluate the cost of a professionally designed logo compared to what a professional image could do for your business. It’s really a very small amount compared to your next 5 years business plan.

How much should I spend on a professional design ?

If you go through the yellow pages to find a graphic design agency you will probably be shocked at the cost of a logo. However you are not being ripped off, it is because there is a lot of work involved and the studio will have to cover their own over heads.

If you look online for your logo design then you will probably find prices are a lot more competitive.  However, don’t be fooled into choosing the cheapest logo design company on the web. For example some web logo companies offer logo design of around £25!. But stop and think for a minute, how much time will a good designer spend on your important project for that much. On average a quality, trained graphic designer would probably want about £40 minimum an hour. A designers costs will also include the need to pay for software, hardware and the advertisement or costs of ensuring that you can find their website on the search engines. So, for £25 you could either receive a logo designed by a professional designer for about 30 minutes or somebody who is not well trained in design.

So your real question must be is the face of my business worth more than £25 or 30 minutes! It takes time, a careful thought process, research and design experience to produce quality corporate identity, and to create a logo that will really work for your business. A well trained designer should be spending a good day to create impressive and original initial logo concepts, and possibly time before this to gather reference. You will then want to have the opportunity of  revisions so that you can have any changes you want made to the logo design at no additional hidden extra cost.

As a rough guide of cost you should consider a minimum of between £150 to £600.  Each project of course is different and has varying cost considerations. Some of the larger companies will spend thousands on their image but for small to medium sized business this would be about right.

How do I choose a logo design company ?

When considering which design business to choose you should look at the portfolio displayed on the designers website or ask to see some examples of work. Different designers will have different approaches on how to design your company image so you should go with the designer that you feel will best reflect your business through their own design. Most designers will be happy to create the logo working closely with you. You can give a designer details of everything you would like to see in your logo and everything you wouldn’t! In fact the more information you can give to the designer the better as although they may be very good at their job they cannot read minds! So remember the more info the better.

Will I be able to use the logo on my website, business cards and sign board ?

For different uses of your logo you will require different files. For internet and website use you will require an optimised jpeg file. The jpeg is optimised for lower file size so that your web pages open quickly when the logo is placed on them. No one wants to wait long periods of time for web pages to load and most of the time they wont.

If you would like your logo to be featured on your company stationery then a designer for the creation of the stationery is strongly recommended. Letterheads and business cards created in Microsoft word only give bad impressions to your clients. You don’t need to spend a fortune on stationery design but £150 for the design of a business card, letterhead and compliment slip would be a recommended minimum. For stationery you will require an Adobe Illustrator file. This is a file created by an industry standard design program and provides the best results when it comes to logo and stationery design.

If you would just like a high resolution image of your logo then you will require a vector based logo. If you would like a sign board or shop front to feature your company logo then again you will need to give the sign makers the Adobe Illustrator file as this file will be in vector format and can be resized to any size without loss of quality.

So be sure to check that you will be provided with the right files for what it is you would like to use your new logo for. It is recommended that you get the Adobe Illustrator file though even if you only want a logo for web use. You never know how much your business may grow or if it will be needed at a later date. Some logo designers offer free printers cooperation services after the logo is design this is most valuable as you do not want to pay extra for files or worse not be able to use your logo for what you wanted.

So which designer do I use ?

Go with the design business that offers all the important things mentioned above. If you are unsure what the design service is offering then ask first before committing. Logorunner design service proves value for money and quality guaranteed.